Monday, August 9, 2010

Whose Idea Was This?!!!

I woke up at 3:30 AM on a Saturday, picked up Rain and Lisa, then drove to Provo. Once there we met up with Ruth and picked up our numbers. Then we all hopped on a little yellow school bus to take a 20 minute drive up the canyon. After a visit or two to the port-o-potties we waited around for an hour and a half in the cold. Then when it finally reached 7am some man yelled at US for holding up the race!!!! So now that I have been awake for FOUR hours after only sleeping for three, I am now expected to run 13.1 miles?
Again I ask whose idea was this??? This is in the school bus on our way up the canyon... Ruth's first race, she is VERY excited!! My 4th... I'm less excited...
Lisa looks so cold and sleepy. I feel like this picture captured the essence of our morning. And do you see how dark it was? That's right this picture is taken after we had already accomplished many things that morning. We were working very hard and the sun didn't even have the decency to come up. Rain is always quite entertaining when she is tired. If I'm ever feeling blue I should just wake her up at 3am and make her try to function.

I was SO glad to get to have this experience with Ruth. She and I have been so close since the day she was born (I'm sure of it). When we were younger she would always try to get me to go running with her. She would run for miles and miles and I would run for minutes and give up. I just didn't see the point. When I became a runner she was shocked. I'm really happy that we could do this race together.
She beat me though...

This was a nice race that was easy and fun, but it didn't start that way. You always hear how races (sporting games and all athletic event) are won and lost in your mind. It is very, very true! I went through an emotional ordeal during this race. I started in a foul mood which continued to increase as I ran. I was playing mind games with myself. I told myself everything negative that was bothering me. I had a Forest Gump moment where I thought I just might stop running altogether because I didn't see the point anymore. Then I focused on the fact that everyone in my group was way ahead of me (something I knew was going to happen going into this). I stewed in my negativity for about 3 miles focusing on all of the aspects of the run and my life that were upsetting me. Finally I told myself that this race was mind over matter. I wasn't tired, I wasn’t breathing hard, and I didn't even have any sore muscles yet so what was my problem?

Nothing but a bad attitude!

Luckily for me, my mind is very strong and I work to maintain control of my thoughts and feelings at all times. First I took inventory of what was making me so negative. Once I realized what it was I let it all go. Just dropped it right there on the road and kept on running. I felt a little lighter after that. Then I made myself be in the here and now. I realized I was letting my mind and legs become bogged down by things that did not apply to running a race. I pictured the world and imagined everything getting smaller and smaller until I was finally focused on myself and the point I was at on the road at that very time. Then I closed my eyes.

They say when you lose a sense all of your other senses become heightened. Fact.

As I ran with my eyes closed (for about 20 minutes, peaking periodically only to make sure I was still on the road) I became so aware of myself and my running. I wish I could have run the whole thing with my eyes closed. I was able to feel the road, pace myself with what felt right rather than how fast I was passing things, and hear the music in my ears and my soul. It was the most liberating thing I had ever done. I felt amazing!!

After once again being in tune with myself and feeling like Savannah, I was so excited to be running. I was tearing up a little while I ran (which is another valuable lesson learned. Don't cry and run, it's awkward) After that I saw the 4 mile marker and I had a perfectly lovely 9 mile run.

That looks like a group of winners to me. Rain came in 1st with a whopping 1:47 time. That is amazing!!! Then Lisa and Ruth and I, as the slow old woman, picked up the rear with a pathetic 2:25. That's ok though, I had a blast!!

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