Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yard Sale!!

Lara is expressing my joy at selling all my old junk (and some possessions that I struggled to part with) and making money for gas to get me to New York.

This is us crammed in a truck loaded with all my possessions. On the first trip we took in the minivan I had to sit on a table propped up on its side with my feet up on the middle console. I know you can't picture it but when I got out of the van after a half an hour car ride my butt and left leg were completely numb. Moving sucks!!!

A pic of Lara that I took over my head.

So when I left my house there was an entertainment center nestled between these two couches. When I arrived at Lara's house it was no longer there. Did I drive through the Entertainment Center Bermuda Triangle and not know it? I just hope it didn't cause any problems for anyone else, I couldn't find it... anywhere...

We arrived at our yard sale destination in the wee hours of the morning but we had another load to get so I made Rain guard our stuff. This picture was around 6am so she "protected" our things by sleeping on the couches. She looked as if she had been kicked out of her house with no place to go. Either that or some crazy woman

So I've learned a valuable lesson about yard sales. They are an emotional event that needs a good cry afterwards.
I saw so many possessions that I loved tossed aside by yard salers who had no sentimental attachment to my beloved items. There was no way I could keep all of these things and I needed the money for my trip, but seeing other people leave with things I loved was heart breaking!

I put up this sign because I thought it would be fun and might motivate people to spend more money knowing the cause. I don't know how motivational it was but it sure was a conversation starter. I talked to so many people about New York and their experiences there. For the most part people were really supportive and excited for me. However, I was very surprised (although I shouldn't have been) to listen to all of the strangers who felt it was their responsibility to warn me of the perils of NY.
One "helpful" gentleman told me about how he lived there for 13 years and that it was a very difficult and expensive place to live. He then felt he should lecture me about moving there without a job and "what in the world would I do once I got there". You know what, he lived there 13 years and lived to tell the tale, I think I'll be fine.
Another man trying to be "helpful" said that I must have a lot of money if I was going to go there. When I informed him that I did not so I was having a yard sale he felt it was his obligation to lecture me about being responsible and yada yada yada...
Sheesh, strangers sure are nice right?

So anyway, needless to say I left my yard sale much richer than I thought I would but completely down on myself and concerned about whether I was making the right choice or not. Luckily I have amazing friends who actually know me and my capabilities. They reminded me that these well intentioned people have no idea what I’m made of or my ability to make my dreams a reality. I guess in the end I just need to remember that they were well intentioned albeit misguided. As my sister said I am, "a type A, gung ho personality and whatever is thrown at me I throw back 10 times harder”… Thanks Megan

So thank you to the people who love and support me. This is going to be a rough adventure and I only need positive vibes put out into the Universe for my success!


Celestie said...

I found the entertainment center!! It was sad though, as it was in many splintered pieces along I-80, just around that ridiculous mountain into Salt Lake. I'm making it my personal responsibility to go collect the pieces and have a proper burial for it.

Um, LOVE the pic of homeless Rain on the couch outside.

And Mana, you're going to kick New York's BUTT! (And look sexy doing so!)

AnimeFeaver said...

OH MY GOSH! I can't believe you quoted me on your blog! I have become immortal through the world wide web!