Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New York Road Trip in Numbers

My trip to New York is best summarized in numbers...

33: Mapquest hours of predicted straight driving.

62: Actual hours including stops, sleeping, detours, and extra trip to Connecticut when the YMCA lost my reservation. In all, 62 hours attached to the confines of the car and surrounding area.

2,264: Miles from Utah to New York with a detour down to Chicago to see the Harry Potter exhibit.

365: Days since the Harry Potter exhibit has been at the museum but would we like to see the exhibit about weather? No thank you.

1: Potted plants that started the trip to New York

0: Potted plants arrived in New York (Sorry about the quick acceleration Olivia, I kept your pot for a future Orchid though)

8: The number of states separating Utah and New York (for a total of 10 states visited in a 3 day period)

87,465: Number of stares we got from people thinking we were crazy for stuffing our car so full. On a side note the passenger seat was so impossible to get in and out of that it was easier to crawl in from the driver's side.

0: Number of Hotels stayed in on the trip

2: Nights we slept in the cramped car to save money on hotels

3:00...AM: time in the morning when I went absolutely CRAZY, clawed my way out of the car, ran around the parking lot and beat my head against the road from cabin fever! After doing some yoga stretches, pacing and talking to myself like a mad woman then throwing all of the items from the passenger side out of the car into the parking lot I was able to go back to sleep. If it hadn't been so cold in Iowa I would have slept on a bench at the rest stop.

18: Hours it took before I went crazy

50: Hours it took for Lara to go crazy. She may be able to handle confined spaces better but my freak out was WAY funnier!! Approx 1 million: Bathroom stops

$33.50: Amount paid in tolls along I-80. Indiana was a rip off!!! Expensive tolls and NO rest stops… Ohio had the most expensive tolls but we gladly paid them for their extremely hospitable, castle-esk rest stops! 24: Age that Lara started looking like her mother

$204.26: Total price of gas. Not bad at ALL!! Nebraska wins for cheapest gas coming in at $2.55 a gallon!

120: Minutes it took to cross the George Washington Bridge0: Number of bras I can wear while I drive. Nope, can't do it... And no one can make me wear it either.

37: Number of wipies and sinks it takes to take a bath on a road trip. 1: Number of Savannahs the state of New York increased by


Marie said...

Thanks for sharing your road trip. I really enjoyed it. Marie

Celestie said...

I've never laughed so hard in my life as I did at this Savannah! Our cheapest gas was $2.23 in New Jersey, but nearly cancelled out by the fact that it was such a pain in the butt to find!! Lara and I did leave our bras around the mirror the whole way back as a tribute to you - along with your picture. No joke. Reading about you going crazy at 3am, that has made my week. I went crazy - but in a lot less funny way.