Monday, September 13, 2010

Things You Can Learn About a State by Driving Through it Along I80

I don't think I need to learn anything more about a state than what
I can learn about it along I-80.

Wyoming is boring
Nebraska is also boring.

Plus there is nothing good to buy for a souvenier at any of their gas stations.
They do have at least one chubby poorly behaved child in attendance at McDonald's.
And gas is cheaper than Utah (but I soon learned that is the case everywhere)
Iowa is freaking amazing!
Home of the best rest stops before Ohio yet no tolls.
They supply free WiFi at their rest stops. Making a great place to turn in homework or catch up on facebook when you MUST get out of the car or you'll go insane.

Iowa is also a great place to get lost in a cornfield.

Illinois is SO windy, yes it's home of the windy city but that doesn't explain the ferociousness of the gusty winds. It should be called; Chicago, the blow your car right off the road city.

They also have a museum that once had a Harry Potter exibit. But they WILL look at you like you are the world's biggest idiot when you ask to buy a ticket a year late.
Indiana can kiss my ass! It's gross, ugly and has crazy expensive tolls but no rest stops.

I don't remember Ohio, that's how memorable it was.
It did have the most amazing rest stops. They were like mini malls. You could do your laundry, take a shower, watch TV, and eat at several different restaraunts. However, we drove through there late at night so all we got to do was use the restroom. However, leaving Ohio we paid $13.50 for their toll which showed us just how they fund those magnificent rest stops.
Pennsylvania is ADORABLE!!! I would live there just because of how cute it is.

Home of the world's most comfortable swing, can't beat that!
PA also has a sense of humor. Every so often we would pass a sign that said,
"Buckle Up Next Million Miles"

New Jersey must have a problem with tailgating. Can you see those little dots on the road? These are to help you know how far behind the car in front of you to drive. The thing is, the dots were a little too close together in my opinion.

Who needs a tour guide, I think I learned a lot about each state!

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Celestie said...

Bahahahaha! I love all the random car shots, and seeing every different position in which you slept in such a tiny space. You're amazing! And driving back, I saw the "Buckle Up Next Million Miles" sign. When you told me about it I though you were joking!! But no, it's really there. And how'd I miss the swing?? I musta slept thru Pennsylvania.