Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things I Hate

Oh sure, it's not a very uplifting post, but I'll keep it brief and maybe tomorrow I'll post about the things I love...

When it's just me and one guy on the subway after 10pm...

Need I say more

Desk Calendars
I HATE desk calendars!!!! This is freaking 2010 people. EVERYTHING is online!!!
My schedule has been on my phone for the past 6 years or more.
At work I use my Outlook calendar.

It's amazing by the way.

No one in the world actually uses their desk calendars for anything but doodling on. Whenever I sit at someone's desk I'm always put off by how gross and cluttery it looks. I was just going to do away with the whole thing when my dear assistant brought in my 2011 desk calendar so that it was "ready for me when the new year comes"
She is such a sweet lady that I didn't want to say, "Hey, I don't appreciate you ordering this for me, go ahead and throw it away." So it looks like I'll have a desk calendar until at least February and then I'll feel comfortable hiding it.

Filing Cabinets
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE organized things. I fully support the concept behind filing cabinets, but it's the actual delivery that disappoints me.

Filing cabinets are in the same category as desk calendars. It's just a bunch of extra clutter that isn't up to date and people don't use anyway. I guarantee you can go to any filing cabinet in any office in America and it's full of old, outdated materials that no one looks through. This is only one of the drawers in my desk and every day I go through and throw away a file or two of things I know I'll NEVER look at.

Again, everything is on the computer.

Which brings me to my next point.


I'm sorry Dunder Mifflin, but I can do without your product.

Every day I get handed paper to review. I review it. Then I throw it away. This has not been ok with me. I feel some sort of moral irony about taking my reusable canvas bags to the grocery store but then throwing away 10lbs of paper a day at work.

So today I got all motivated and jazzed about saving our planet and I gave a motivational pep talk to my assistant about becoming as paperless as possible.

She was totally on board!

I must be an amazing speaker.

After that every time I asked her for some document or another she would get a sparkle in her eye and say, "Sure thing, I'll email that to you right now"

Yay Earth!

These Things
I don't know what they're called... clippies?

I hate them.

Oh, I don't know why but something about them just rubs me the wrong way. Every time I see the little pile of them in their container I get irked. They just make me so mad.

Want to know what makes me even more irritated?

Let me explain...
Ok, so I LOVE note pads! I mean LOOOOOOVE them. I know, ironic how I hate paper so much. But just attach a bunch of them by the top and I'm in heaven. I'll explain more in my "Things I Love" post if it makes you judge me less.

So, here I am, loving my notepad but the pages are becoming unruly. Especially the further I get into the pad with my diligent note taking. The pages on the top just go mad. They can't contain themselves and act out aggressively towards me.

One day I notice someone writing on the same kind of pad as me and she has one of these damn clippies on the top of her pad. It is keeping all of her top papers completely in line.

I liked her motivation to manage her impossible paper but I was skeptical that she should fall to the evil influence of the clippie.

However, I did succumb.

And I liked it...

Of course I was furious!

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