Sunday, October 31, 2010

Things I Love

I am really more of a lover than a hater so I have many, many things I can write for this. I didn’t want to be boring or mushy so I’ll give you the top 26 things I love in alphabetical order.

Apple: The Big

Blueberries: Everything blueberry and blueberry flavored. YUM!

Crying: I am such a huge crier. I love it and also can’t help it. Sad things, happy thing, new shoes… I cry for them all

Dancing: no explanation necessary!

Eggs: The incredible edible

Friends and Family: I think I have the greatest of both of these
Giraffes: Hands down my favorite animal. There is something so impressive about a giraffe. I can just stare at them all day and never get bored.

Hula Hooping: My all time favorite hobby. I learned that there is a girl who teaches Hula hoop lessons in the park. I am SOOOO signing up!!

Ipod: I like to wear my ipod when I walk around, it’s like my life has a sound track behind it. My favorite is when I’m on the subway and Journey’s song Don’t Stop Believing comes on. One day I’ll take the midnight train headed anywhere…

Juice Boxes: Best. Invention. Ever

Kleaning: That's right, I couldn't think of a K but I LOVE cleaning. There's something about cleaning and cleanliness that is just magical


My Mug: Enough Said

Note Pads: I love writing things down and taking notes and planning and making lists. How can you not!

Other people: meeting new ones and such.


Quiet: I don’t just like the quiet because it’s convenient that it starts with a Q which is a difficult letter. I love the quiet. I meditate every morning before I start my day. It helps me get centered and focused. Besides, sometimes you just have to be alone with yourself and block out the noise

Reading, Riting, Rithmatic: Ok, so I actually hate math but I LOVE reading and writing! W was taken with something that I love more than writing so I had to figure out how to fit it in somewhere else. I love to read and I am always doing so, but even more than that, I love to write. I don’t know that I’m an amazing writer, but I love being a story teller through writing.

Shoes: Anyone who knows me for more than a day knows that I love shoes and have an insane collection of them! I had to sell a bunch of shoes before I moved because I just didn’t have enough room to take them all. But since moving I’ve already bought 3 new pairs.

This baby: S was taken but I can’t leave out Sariah. She’s my favorite little buddy!!


View: From my office. It is so nice and peaceful and after school there are always little kids playing outside.

Water: I love every aspect of water (except humidity but that’s beside the point) I don’t drink soda so I’m often left with terrible options anywhere I go, but luckily I’d rather have water anyway. It is so clean and refreshing… but besides its drinkable properties it also has the ability to create terrific activities and hours of entertainment. I love to wakeboard, surf, swim and boat; all things that very much require water to be successful.

Xena: Also She-ra, Amazon Women and all strong warrior women in general. I love a good female butt kicker

Yogurt: both regular and frozen

Zoo: Once again, not just because it’s conveniently a Z. I love zoos and animals. See my video from the zoo in Omaha!


Megan said...

One of those black clippies made it on your "Things I love" post.. How do you sleep at night?! (I'm glad you posted a picture though, I couldn't visualize what you were describing about it holding the papers in place)

Celestie said...

I'd kill for a view like that from where I work.... "U" was my favorite.