Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Don't just do something... Sit there

I know I'm always talking about all of the things I'm doing. I'm always moving, trying something new and exploring... Adventuring, if you will. But I'm not just a one trick pony.
I'd like to share the OTHER side of Savannah.

Believe it or not, I actually possess the ability to sit perfectly still... I know, hard to believe...

As a matter of fact I sit completely still in quiet meditation every single morning before I leave for work. Actually, I meditate before I even eat breakfast.
You know, food inhibits your body from being able to listen to itself. It numbs the senses...

Not that I am ever going to stop eating big greasy cheeseburgers, but at least I know the cosmic consequences of my actions.

I remember learning how to meditate in high school. He would tell us to develop a "Happy Place" that we could escape to and clear our minds. I envisioned a chair on the beach, made out of the sand. Sitting there at sunset listening to the waves crash against the shore.
I've used this "Happy Place" for over ten years now and it's really treated me well.
In 2008 I went to Hawaii and decided to make this a real place.

I don't really use this as my meditation device anymore; I've adopted a more Buddhist approach to meditation. However, I still use my "Happy Place" for many things. When I can't sleep or after being talked into watching a scary movie...I'll take a trip to Sunset Beach and listen to the waves.
I try to stay centered and grounded at all times (like a tree) and meditation is the way that I do this. It helps me to pull away all of the distractions in my life to get to the core of who I am.
It is so easy to get completely caught up in everything that is happening; politics, weather, opinions, fashion, work, neighbors, drama, illness, that we mold ourselves around the things that are happening around us.

Sitting quietly in the morning helps me to remember who I am and what I stand for and let the rest do what it will.

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Marie said...

Thanks for sharing your quiet place. It was very peaceful. I like a candle lit hot bath, sometimes ending is a small nap before the water cools off too much.