Friday, November 5, 2010


Quickly, Quickly

I have always said I walk for purpose, not for pleasure. If you want to take a lovely stroll through the park with me, I'm game. We'll have a great time. But generally speaking I am walking somewhere!

One of the girls I work with moved to New York at the age of ten. She said the first word she learned in English when she came was quickly.

It's like an unspoken rule that you must move at the quickest pace possible. It is not ok to stop or slow down in the middle of others who are moving. However trampling, pushing and sidestepping those in need IS ok.

You must rush, plough through, and reach your destination in the fastest manner.

Move, Move, MOVE!!!

I love it!!

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Marie said...


I may not comment often but I DO read your blog weekly. Love the connected feeling.

I have not gotten back to my blog. Every time I quit a volunteer job a new one grabs hold of me. Must be an addiction.

Love ya bunches.