Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Savannah Quiet Down"

I have heard this phrase frequently in my life. And, anyone that knew me when I was young enough to follow the orders of others, probably said it to me more than a thousand times.

I was the child that didn't know how to simply say something; I had to yell it, sing it, make a simple story into a monologue and hold the attention of the whole room before commencing my diatribe.

I don't think much has changed actually. When I worked directly with teenagers I would always get feedback that my girls were too noisy and I needed to teach them to speak softer. Sorry folks, you can't teach what you don't know.

Let's be honest, would I have a blog if I was content to just sit by quietly.

Know what I like about New Yorkers? They. Are. Loud!

I am frequently the quietest person in the room. It's unnerving. I'll have to work on that. I met a girl from Utah that has lived her for 10 years. She said that her voice has changed drastically in the time she's been here because she's always yelling.

I hope I get the sexy smoker voice without actually having to smoke.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Progressive Living Situation Part 3

The Final Chapter...

So finding an apartment in New York is the most impossibly insane thing I've ever been a part of! I couldn’t do it by myself. If I were to tackle getting an apartment without a broker I would have been scammed out of first and last month’s rent and end up living in Central Park. So I got a broker and paid an insane fee that ended up being totally worth it.

But just because I had a broker didn't mean the ordeal was any easier. We went out looking at apartments on so many different occasions I felt like I was dating the guy.
(which would NOT have been a bad thing)

Once we found one good enough to live in we would head back to the office and put in an offer. But EVER time it was always taken by the time I got my info in. Apartments go so fast around here that I thought I would NEVER be the first person to apply and I was getting nervous.

I shouldn't have been.

I am a firm believer that things work out the way they do for a reason. I had applied for some pretty great apartments but all PALED in comparison to the last one I finally looked at!!

It is the most AMAZING place!! I love everything about it and on top of that, it's HUGE!! I say the word huge because it's big even for a Utah apartment; and I live in New York, home of the 200 square foot apartment. I mean HUGE!!

I have so much space I gave a whole room to hula hooping.

So the first room is my living room, but through the archway is my hula hooping room. That's what I've decided to call it. The Hula Hooping Room. Every house should have one.

I'll post all of the pics with my furnished apartment later, but here is just a sneak peak...

I LOVE this place!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Progressive Living Situation Part 2

So, one day I was paying for another night and the wonderful Teresa mentioned that I should look into renting a room by the week. She said it's much cheaper than having to pay $50-$70 a night. She told me about a company to go to.

She is a genius!

I moved in with the super sweet Argentina who charged me $175 a week. I said I was just going to be there for a week, maybe two....

Well I ended up staying with her for two months and she saved my life.

This little orange room was crammed full of all of the things I brought with me from Utah. It was a tight fit and I think I got a little cabin fever before I had a job, but I'll always remember this room fondly. It also helps me to feel all the more grateful for my apartment now.

It was a huge step up from the YMCA, even though I still had to share a bathroom with like 5 people, but still, a HUGE step up!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I want to do SO many things ALL THE TIME!!!

It's like I'm one major ball of indecision. I want to have a million hobbies and live in a zillion different places and have more adventures than I have days of my life. I don't know how I'm going to fit everything in.

I want to...
play the violin, paint, hula hoop, do martial arts, be a dancer, interior decorate, dog walker, write a novel, become a chef or a contortionist or a hypnotist, speak Spanish and German and know Sign Language, climb Mt. Everest, and backpack through Europe.

My wise, wise aunt explained to me that I will never be good at anything until I pick the one thing I want and stick with it. That's why I'm awful at painting and playing the violin, I'm mediocre at hula hooping and speaking Spanish and am only good at being a social worker because they give me money to stick with that.

So I know that I just need to find my passion and make that my life. That way I'll be amazing at it and maybe I won’t let myself be pulled a part in a thousand different directions. But it's so hard when there are so many exciting things in the world.

I also want to...
Sail around South America on a sailboat and visit all of the coastal countries, live in a tree, move to Spain, live in one of those small English towns where everyone knows each other so well it's annoying, spend time in an Ashram in India, be on the Amazing Race, do humanitarian aid for an impoverished African village and sail around the world in a hot air balloon.

I can't possibly see how I can pick just one thing an dedicate my life to it.

I sure hope reincarnation is real.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Progressive Living Situation Part 1

When I first arrived in New York I stayed at the Harlem YMCA for almost two weeks. The people were rude, my floormates were odd, and I got yelled at on a daily basis by the big lady at the desk. It was the cheapest place in the whole city and for a whopping $70 a night I got bunkbeds, a tiny piece of soap and I washed the one towel they gave me with the rest of my clothes at the laundry matt.
I would always wait until after 7:00pm to pay for another night because that's when the one nice lady in the whole building was working. Other people would try to tell me they were booked and I couldn't stay another night, but not Teresa, she always said I could stay. Sometimes she even gave me a discount because she knew how expensive it was. For two nights she only charged me $50. Love that Teresa.

AND almost every time I needed to use the bathroom, it was unoccupied! It was wonderful! I was always able to get right into the shower every time I needed to. And the blinds in the changing area went all the way down to half of the window so I'm sure the guys doing construction on the street couldn't see me change.

Only one time did I have to go to another floor to use the restroom because someone was in ours. Luckily Lara had to go to another floor the previous day and she learned the hard way what floors NOT to visit, so I went directly to the right floor without any trouble.

Ah, luxuries

Somehow I don't think my move would be the same without starting at the YMCA

Nice VS Friendly

I bet you didn't know there was a difference...

Oh, but there is!!

I personally thought they were the same, so much the same that they were interchangeable. You could say a person was nice, and, friendly and it would mean the same thing.

Let's just get it straight, they are very different. Someone CAN be nice and friendly, and well that would just be a lovely person to be around. However, missing one of these qualities is truly noticed and sorely missed.

Allow me to explain

Friendly is a more surfacy type of appearance. Friendly is what a person is doing at the moment. In Spanish it's like Estoy. Its put on say, at work, or at social gatherings. It's a, "hellohowareyouit'sgoodtoseeyoutodayI'm finethankstalktoyousoon"
something that looks good on the front and helps people feel welcome.

People in Utah are GREAT at being friendly! I love customer service, I love lip service, I love all those surfacy things that make you want to buy someone's product or chit-chat about nonsense for a while. Utah is warm and fuzzy.

Nice is deeper. Nice is who a person is all the time. Nice is Soy. This is at the core of who that person is and how they handle others. It's an acceptance of other people who are different than they are. Nice likes people out of their social circles and comfort zone. Nice is real.

New York is good at nice. I have met some truly amazing people who do TRULY amazing things for others. These are good people who make the decisions in their lives based on who they are. They aren't driven by any other motive other than it is just in their nature to be nice.

I feel like this is where I should end my little comparison lesson. I mean it should right? But I just have to say, I have met wonderful people....

But I really miss friendly!

Is it too much to ask to walk into a store and for someone to ask you if you need anything? I'm not going to go into a tirade about people being rude because that would sound petty but I will say that the worst part about no one being friendly around here is that you have to be suspicious of someone who is. If someone strikes up a conversation about fruit in the check-out line I have to worry if he's going to mug me when we leave the store. If I'm carrying a heavy box and someone offers to carry it for me I have to say no because he could either steal my box, or find out where I live from carrying it to my house.

But really, there are some sincerely nice people here!