Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nice VS Friendly

I bet you didn't know there was a difference...

Oh, but there is!!

I personally thought they were the same, so much the same that they were interchangeable. You could say a person was nice, and, friendly and it would mean the same thing.

Let's just get it straight, they are very different. Someone CAN be nice and friendly, and well that would just be a lovely person to be around. However, missing one of these qualities is truly noticed and sorely missed.

Allow me to explain

Friendly is a more surfacy type of appearance. Friendly is what a person is doing at the moment. In Spanish it's like Estoy. Its put on say, at work, or at social gatherings. It's a, "hellohowareyouit'sgoodtoseeyoutodayI'm finethankstalktoyousoon"
something that looks good on the front and helps people feel welcome.

People in Utah are GREAT at being friendly! I love customer service, I love lip service, I love all those surfacy things that make you want to buy someone's product or chit-chat about nonsense for a while. Utah is warm and fuzzy.

Nice is deeper. Nice is who a person is all the time. Nice is Soy. This is at the core of who that person is and how they handle others. It's an acceptance of other people who are different than they are. Nice likes people out of their social circles and comfort zone. Nice is real.

New York is good at nice. I have met some truly amazing people who do TRULY amazing things for others. These are good people who make the decisions in their lives based on who they are. They aren't driven by any other motive other than it is just in their nature to be nice.

I feel like this is where I should end my little comparison lesson. I mean it should right? But I just have to say, I have met wonderful people....

But I really miss friendly!

Is it too much to ask to walk into a store and for someone to ask you if you need anything? I'm not going to go into a tirade about people being rude because that would sound petty but I will say that the worst part about no one being friendly around here is that you have to be suspicious of someone who is. If someone strikes up a conversation about fruit in the check-out line I have to worry if he's going to mug me when we leave the store. If I'm carrying a heavy box and someone offers to carry it for me I have to say no because he could either steal my box, or find out where I live from carrying it to my house.

But really, there are some sincerely nice people here!

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