Sunday, December 12, 2010

Progressive Living Situation Part 1

When I first arrived in New York I stayed at the Harlem YMCA for almost two weeks. The people were rude, my floormates were odd, and I got yelled at on a daily basis by the big lady at the desk. It was the cheapest place in the whole city and for a whopping $70 a night I got bunkbeds, a tiny piece of soap and I washed the one towel they gave me with the rest of my clothes at the laundry matt.
I would always wait until after 7:00pm to pay for another night because that's when the one nice lady in the whole building was working. Other people would try to tell me they were booked and I couldn't stay another night, but not Teresa, she always said I could stay. Sometimes she even gave me a discount because she knew how expensive it was. For two nights she only charged me $50. Love that Teresa.

AND almost every time I needed to use the bathroom, it was unoccupied! It was wonderful! I was always able to get right into the shower every time I needed to. And the blinds in the changing area went all the way down to half of the window so I'm sure the guys doing construction on the street couldn't see me change.

Only one time did I have to go to another floor to use the restroom because someone was in ours. Luckily Lara had to go to another floor the previous day and she learned the hard way what floors NOT to visit, so I went directly to the right floor without any trouble.

Ah, luxuries

Somehow I don't think my move would be the same without starting at the YMCA

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