Sunday, December 19, 2010

Progressive Living Situation Part 2

So, one day I was paying for another night and the wonderful Teresa mentioned that I should look into renting a room by the week. She said it's much cheaper than having to pay $50-$70 a night. She told me about a company to go to.

She is a genius!

I moved in with the super sweet Argentina who charged me $175 a week. I said I was just going to be there for a week, maybe two....

Well I ended up staying with her for two months and she saved my life.

This little orange room was crammed full of all of the things I brought with me from Utah. It was a tight fit and I think I got a little cabin fever before I had a job, but I'll always remember this room fondly. It also helps me to feel all the more grateful for my apartment now.

It was a huge step up from the YMCA, even though I still had to share a bathroom with like 5 people, but still, a HUGE step up!

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Celestie said...

Hey!! The bug-splattered car topper over-head thingy. (What's it called?)