Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Savannah Quiet Down"

I have heard this phrase frequently in my life. And, anyone that knew me when I was young enough to follow the orders of others, probably said it to me more than a thousand times.

I was the child that didn't know how to simply say something; I had to yell it, sing it, make a simple story into a monologue and hold the attention of the whole room before commencing my diatribe.

I don't think much has changed actually. When I worked directly with teenagers I would always get feedback that my girls were too noisy and I needed to teach them to speak softer. Sorry folks, you can't teach what you don't know.

Let's be honest, would I have a blog if I was content to just sit by quietly.

Know what I like about New Yorkers? They. Are. Loud!

I am frequently the quietest person in the room. It's unnerving. I'll have to work on that. I met a girl from Utah that has lived her for 10 years. She said that her voice has changed drastically in the time she's been here because she's always yelling.

I hope I get the sexy smoker voice without actually having to smoke.

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Celestie said...

I've learned that New Yorkers are loud because NEW YORK is loud. Everything about the city, it's just loud. Subways, cabs, a million drivers and pedestrians. All the little shops on the side of the road. People have to be loud to be heard. Oh my gosh I miss it!