Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Mom is a Saint

You would be blessed to know her.
My mom has not had an easy life. Her health has been a constant struggle for her to conquer. At times it has beaten her. Drug her emotionally through the muck of despair and depression. It has taken away opportunities and, at times, placed her desires out of her reach. She lives in a prison of her own body, destined to succumb to limitations of her physical capabilities. A healthy person cannot begin to understand the despondency that comes from a life that is beyond your control.
But she is unstoppable.
The courage she has created within her is unmatched. Every day she wakes up knowing that she will be tired from the simplest tasks yet she pushes through. She faces her fears (and she has many) determined to be victorious.

It is easy for the fearless to have courage in a difficult situation; that’s why they are fearless. But when the cowardly lion steps up and face his fears head on, he is channeling so much more courage to be brave. This is my mom.
Her bravery leaves me in awe. She is so powerful. I have learned many valuable lessons from her.

She taught me to be courageous and strong. She taught me to stick up for myself and what I want. She taught me that no one is better than me. She taught me that I am not better than anyone else. She keeps me humble. She makes me better.
My mother is amazing and I am so proud of her for all that she does.
It doesn’t matter what her financial situation is, if someone she loves needs food, she will feed them. It doesn’t matter what her health situation is, if someone needs her help, she will help them. And she knows that a trip to see her daughter will leave her physically ill for weeks afterwards, yet she will still hop in her car or a plane to visit.

I think her heart is powered by a battery because it is so full of love and concern for others that it cannot possibly bear the strain of beating on its own.
I look up to my mom the same way I did as a child that views her mother as the center of the universe. I am so proud of the journey she is on. I am so proud of the woman she is. I’m so proud of the woman she is trying to become.
She is my hero


Celestie said...

Sooooo sweet!! She's lucky to have you. And you're pretty lucky to have her.

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