Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Voyeuristic Ways

The other day I was waiting for the train and I couldn't stop staring at this beautiful girl.

First of all, she was gorgeous and I can appreciate that, but she just looked so happy. She was listening to her music and completely in a world of her own as she continuously smiled about nothing in particular. I felt like I was interrupting a very private moment, but I couldn’t look away.

The more I looked at her, the more signs I saw of the heightened state of happiness she was in. At this particular moment I was feeling exceptionally happy and showing these same signs so maybe I was projecting but I don’t think so.

She would smile, then stop, then smile again like she was trying to gain control of her happiness but couldn’t. Her face would flush on and off and she was breathing heavily. I could also see her swaying ever so slightly on her feet.

I thought she might be having a VERY personal moment, but the subway station was particularly gross at this stop so this had to be residual.

It made me wonder why she was so happy. Had she just left someone she was very much in love with? Maybe someone she was very much in lust with? Had she just received great news? Was she on her way somewhere that left her in anxious anticipation?

It made me wonder when was the last time I smiled for no reason, heart beat fast, flushing, swaying slightly on my feet.

Oh, just today actually…

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