Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Shit #1

This is officially going to be a segment… Random Shit…
I run into the MOST bewildering and mind boggling things. Things that make me scratch my head in wonderment (and because of the bed bugs)
And would you believe, I just so happen to be the type of person that knows Murphy himself and helped him write most of his laws.

As a matter of fact, Murphy's second, and less notorious, law is “Anything that can be strange or bizarre, will be strange and bizarre to those who seek nonsensical adventures to make a good story and have a good laugh”
Here is my first installment.
Random Shit #1

One day whilst riding to the 5th floor, in what was already a sketchy building, the elevator doors parted and this is the awful sight I beheld.

I don’t care who you are, this will make your heart stop beating. In that fraction of a second I made a game plan...

1) Take a picture so I can blog about it if I ever get out… Done.
2) Check the ceiling for an exit route… None.
3) Designate a corner for the bathroom…Too late, my pants will suffice.
4) Masturbate... (don’t judge, watch the youtube video)
5) Panic... On my way
6) Locate the “help” button… Broken.
7) Check food supply in my purse… Cough drops and gum… damn
8) Find pen and paper to write out my will... I only own debt... Leaving it to my enemies
9) Scream at the top of my lungs… Wait, doors are closing… elevator moving…

That was a very intense 45 seconds, it’s a good thing I didn’t overreact.


Celestie said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA I needed that today. Leaving debt to enemies...hahaha!! I gotta know though....what youtube video are you referring to???

AnimeFeaver said...

Wow, scary, I would have been freaking out!