Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Shit #2

Ummmmmm, I have great teeth.

Try to deny it.

You can't.

I think teeth are the most pivotal feature towards creating all around attractiveness. They are hands down my favorite feature on the opposite sex. Give me a man with big white teeth and I’m one happy woman (for oh, so many reasons)

If eyes are the nipples of the face, teeth are definitely the biceps of the mouth.

So needless to say I keep my teeth in tip top shape.
Six month checkups, On. The. Dot!
Floss (almost) daily.
Brush, 2 (or more) times a day.
Mouthwash, sure but now I’ just getting fancy.
Never had braces, don’t need them.
Crest White strips, believe it.

I love going to the dentist. He sings my praises to the heavens. I even know the special techniques you are supposed to use when brushing. It’s all in the wrist people. I think the dentist is my biggest fan.

*unlike that ass of an eye doctor… If I want to wear my contacts for 3 weeks straight I will and I’d thank you to stop lecturing me about it… I had to get lasik just so that I wouldn’t have to see him anymore. But I digress*

Where was I? oh yes, my dentist thinks I’m so amazing he always asks to take pictures of my teeth. I think he uses them to show others what they can achieve if only they try hard enough.

On one such occasion I was amazed and delighted to see my celebrity teeth photo soon after getting a nose ring.

Yes, I do have some cavities thank you for pointing that out jerk. They were all from the same summer and I have never had any since. Stupid 16 year old Savannah


AnimeFeaver said...

Hahaha, that's an awesome picture of your nose ring

Celestie said...

You DO have nice teeth. And I LOVE that you can see the nose ring. That's my favorite part.