Saturday, January 8, 2011

Si, Se Puede!!!

Here’s a great idea; stand in the same spot in the cold, crowded street for 10 hours waiting for something as unremarkable as the movement of time, for some obscure countdown, marking the end of a contrived moment.

Sign me up!!

The countdown about a half an hour after we arrived.
The Times Square adventure is not for the weak. You must be stealthy, strong, push through a crown like a baby being born, hold your bladder until you explode, ferocious, easily amused, and be able to survive on food you can carry in your pocket.
At one point it was so crowded Celestie decided that if she lifted her feet she would not move from her current height.
On another occasion we were so hungry that we decided to venture to McDonald’s. I stayed behind to save our “spot” and the other two braved the crowd. It was only by the grace of the All Mighty Troll that we found each other again. The throng of people was so thick that although they made it to me in one piece, the bag did not and we were only left with one Big Mac… Which we proceeded to share out of desperation. So picture it if you will (you will if I say you will) the street is so packed we can’t move enough even to lower our hands into our pockets, three of us are eating ONE hamburger, and somewhere on the streets of New York are some chicken nuggets.

About 4 hours in is when the ailments started showing signs; Lara in her feet, and Celesite and I in our lower backs. We began to grow increasingly more creative on how to alleviate the strain. The “bend over stretch” was improved upon only by the “bend over stretch while being rested on”. One can also sit and avoid the filthy ground by sitting on the shoes of another. A giant train can, in fact, be made allowing everyone to sit down (note: the poor soul at the back of the train must still stand. Sucker)
Half. Way. There.
Sooooooooooo excited. (pratially delirious)

To pass the time we did all of the following:
Dance in the street, sang along to Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block on 3 different occasions, played "The Office Trivia" (that's right, we brought the cards along with us. Boy Scout Motto: Always be prepared) took WAY too many pictures, gave back massages, opened starbursts using only our mouths, got a little annoyed of each other, made up, got VERY annoyed at other people, counted down the new year in other countries and stood very, very still.

We never thought we'd make it this far. Maybe we should just go home and call it a night.
If anyone has seen the video of me on my road trip, I tend to go crazy when confined to one spot. I think I’ll post that video (Spoiler, it ends in a wicked hood slid) So as the clock counted down, I grew increasingly insane. We were SOOOOO lucky that the new year started at midnight, there is no way I would have lasted any longer than that.
Can you believe we made it?
Thank you Celestie for being Johnny on the spot with the camara. Why is it that there is an exorbitant amount of men on this planet that have no concept of good kissing. I mean seriously. Women of the world deserve to be kissed by someone who knows what they are doing. At any point in this young man’s life someone should have put a stop to his sloppy Joe, tongue blunder and said, “Hey, you’re awful at this, let me show you what you need to do” I hardly felt it was my place.
But thank you random stranger for helping me to keep the tradition alive.

Si, Se Puede!!!!


Celestie said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my GOSH I miss it!! I think you quite brilliantly captured the insanity and fun of the experience. And I love the "somewhere in the streets of New York are some chicken nuggets." Ahhhh, good times!!

Si se puede!!

Celestie said...

PS, I'm pretty sure the picture of your face and my eye is one of my all-time favorites.

AnimeFeaver said...

Why did you have to be there so early? To get up close to the ball? And what is "Si, se puede"?