Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spillin' the Bag O' Beans

Since moving here everyone seems to have high romantic hopes for me. Every time I talk to someone and we have the "catch-up-on-what's-happening-in-our-lives" conversation, they always find a way to mention how hot it would be if I dated a NYC cop.
"Oh, wouldn't it be cool to date an NYPD?"

This statement doesn't even make sense grammatically, yet I've heard it more than once. Unless they ARE actually saying I'm a huge slut and wouldn't it be cool for me to date a whole New York Police Department. If this is their intention on the subject, I respect their judgment on my character.

Regardless, one random make-out sessions with an off duty police officer does not a date make

I'd like to introduce you to my new boyfriend...

The fine print: I neither made out with his man nor is he my boyfriend... Just in case I actually needed to clarify.

1 comment:

Celestie said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA I wondered what on earth you could possibly want that picture for. I get it now. He's a hottie! ;)