Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Shit #4 (but after writing this it actually turned out to be substancial)

For some reason I always feel like I should keep this quiet... As if not saying it out loud will protect me from humiliation if I fail… I’ve recently come to the realization that NOT voicing my desires will only succeed in them NOT coming to fruition. So, I’m going to put it out there and you can all watch as I become crazy successful.

I want to be a writer. But not a writer, I want to be a story teller. I want to take all of the stories in my head and put them on paper and have other people read them. I don’t really know if I’d ever consider myself to be a writer. Writers are amazingly talented people who are some sort of profound and incredible. I just want to tell stories.

I’ve always written. I wrote my first chapter book in 5th grade. And it was good.

Believe it.

I always have some sort of story running through my mind, or I’m narrating my actions to myself or on paper. I often wonder what normal people do with all the space in their head if they’re not using their imagination every waking moment. I can’t imagine all the brain power I’d have to learn new information if I wasn’t constantly distracting myself in my alternate world.

I can stare right at someone (my boss?) as they give me important instructions and all I’m thinking is what story I could write about a world full of people with wings. I bet their wings would be beautiful like a peacock, yet functional. There would be a conflict, of course, maybe between the people with wings and the people without. And where would they live? I imagine it would be someplace high. Like a city in the trees, or the tops of the mountains… Wait, what were you saying I needed to finish by noon?

It’s a real problem. Maybe I should just be honest with people when it happens. Like, “Hey, sorry I wasn’t listening, I was picturing what an aerial fight would look like between a two people with wings and how to describe it in a book.”

Or better yet I need to be in a position where I can live in this fantasy in my head and write them all down. Maybe other people are the problem because they make me live in reality and listen to their nonsense about paperwork and deal with obstinate state workers. If I had TIME to live in my imagination, well, let’s face it, I’d never have enough time because I wouldn’t want to leave. My imagination ROCKS and you only wish you could go to there.

But I digress…

So ultimately I want to be a story teller.

Actually, let me digress a little bit more before I get to my damn point already…

I have always wondered just how psyched new authors must be when they publish their first book. In fact, I think it would NEVER get old every time one of my books was published. I imagine (are you surprised) just what it must be like to walk into a book store and see your book, that you wrote, from your head, sitting there on display. So, much like an athlete who pictures themselves winning the gold medal at the Olympics (you know, to make it come true) I created what I think it looks like to see your book in print.

Whenever I go to Barnes and Noble, I go to whichever book is being spotlighted (usually the newest, most IT book at the time) I pick it up, place it over my head and as I move into what can only be described as a lunge position I say, “This is my book” as loud as I dare.

Oh, it’s silly and impractical, but I consider it envisioning my future…

So, my point (although I feel I’ve made several) these books will have a book jacket, right? Well, because I am such a restless person who wants to travel everywhere and live in unusual places, (I WILL live in a tree at some point and no one can stop me) I want my book jacket to reflect that. I imagine it will say something like.

Savannah lives with her husband and dogs (kids? we’ll see) on Earth.

No state or country, just Earth. I will also accept Planet Earth.

I decided this long ago when I first realized that being a “writer” would allow me to live on a boat as I sail around South America, so I was tickled and delighted when I bought this product and learned where it was made. It felt like a sign…
Look for my book about people with wings in your local book store…


Celestie said...

A) This should be #4.
2) I like this continued segment. It makes me happy.
d) I told you, I'll be first in line (ok, I may have to throw elbows at some people) to buy your book.
and *) I can totally see you doing that whole charade in Barnes and Noble. And I like it. I approve.

Celestie said...

Now I look like an idiot for saying this should be #4. :)