Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Shit #6

I’ve found that every year I learn more, see more, experience more and grow more. This has made it so that I get more and more amazing as time goes on.


It makes me excited to see what I will become in the years that follow. I will be honest, I am approaching (gasp) 30. I’m not afraid (might be a lie). If the past 28 years have proven anything, I know that the next 30 will be kick ass!! Especially when you consider about 15 of those years were wasted being too young to do anything worthwhile.

I’m not worried about getting older. Most of my heroes and favorite people didn’t become their magnificent selves until their mid 50’s. I think growing old will be awesome. There are so many milestones to look forward to.

30’s: I may reproduce. It’s a scary thought; however, I would LOVE to see what a mini Savannah would be like. I will train her to be just as fanatical and spunky as I am. Ok, you’re right, I’d better let this gene line die with me.

40’s: This is where I make my millions. The trajectory I’m headed on right now is Crazy Town, but only poor people are crazy. Rich people are eccentric.

50’s: At this age I will stop dying the front of my hair. But only the front. I’m hoping to take after my mom (sorry mom) and get a nice gray early on (which I’ll continually dye so I wont know when it hits) but at 50 I will stop dying the front and have some sort of Grandma Rogue thing going for me.

60’s: Hellooooooooo Senior Discount!!!

70’s: By this age if I haven’t started to lose my marbles, I will pretend to have. I intend to go to sporting events and streak across the field naked and claim I was confused and just trying to find the bathroom. It is also finally socially acceptable to ask blunt, rude, and inappropriate questions. I will do this at all times.

80’s: If the shenanigans of my 70’s haven’t gotten me placed as a ward of the state I hope to be this guy.

Rock on Dude!!


Celestie said...

I am SO glad that you put the worst possible picture of me up for all of your friends, family, and stalkers to see. Thanks for that. Also, mini Savannah - what a terrifying thought. ;) Do it. Oh, and the whole 70's bit streaking naked across the field, you KNOW you wanna do that now!

Mom said...

You were apologizing to me why? I love my gray hair! I'm proud of every one of them...I've earned them! Keepa postin'!

Lara said...

I'd completely forgotten about that guy! He was a stud!!!