Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Second Chair

I am amazing at playing the violin. Did you know?

I’ve played since 4th grade. (Which, as we all know, is the optimal age for greatness) I was so amazing that by 6th grade it was decided that the world wasn’t ready for my talent and I should take some time off.

I was heartbroken not to have played the whole year so while registering for my 7th grade classes, I signed myself up for Orchestra class knowing full well I no longer owned a violin nor did I have permission to do so.

The first week was a little chaotic, but I managed to convince my teacher that I did own a violin which I continued to forget to bring to school, as I worked my master plan to manipulate a new violin out of my mom. (Note: I was a devious child and I apologize to my mother for always getting what I wanted. Please curse me with "having children like myself" because I already know all their tricks.)

I started out the year strong and dedicated many hours to practice. The end of the year did not finish quite as strong, and during the summer months my violin regretfully did not see the light of day.

But by 8th grade I was back in all my glory. I played such masterpieces as Ode to Joy and Beethoven’s Faux Symphony with such precision and exuberance my teacher was speechless… speechless…

My practices had really picked up the pace as well. I remember spending at LEAST 10 minutes a week with the instrument out of its case. If that isn’t dedication, well, I don’t know what is. No really, I don’t know what is.

All my efforts lead me to advancing all the way to SECOND to last chair!! My dedication had really paid off for me. This meant I was located in the very back of the whole orchestra, the whole room really. Victoria and I assiduously focused on our musical talents. Not a day went by that the teacher wouldn’t commend us for discussing, throughout class, in quiet whispers with one another, how we might better our performance. At one point we felt we might be better violinists if we were to sit on a tower of chairs. Our teacher felt opposite. I think that through the combined efforts of Victoria and myself, we were really able to soar with our musical talents.

The payoff finally came. Orchestra performance night. I. Was. Stoked.

I was dressed in my finest black and white combo, sitting up straight, bow in position, as I took my skills to a whole new level. The notes on the page meant nothing to me. I’d never seen them before. I didn’t need them. I was greater than them. I looked straight ahead and smiled as I moved my bow back and forth, back and forth following the myriad of other bow movements in front of me.

At that point I found my true potential. One had only but to appear to have talent to receive a standing ovation. A lesson I put into practice many more times in my future.

Yet tragically, my violining went into hibernation.

Don’t fret, Savannah always makes a comeback. About 3 years ago I was forlorn when I received the news that I was waitlisted for grad school. I NEEDED to learn. I had been out of school too long and my brain was shriveling, (I felt it) I needed to stuff some new knowledge in there.

Solution: Take violin lessons! It is a proven fact that adults can play instruments better than children. Why would one torture a 5 year old to learn such a difficult endeavor when we all know that old dogs learn the best tricks. I bought a shiny new violin and top notch gear. I took classes and practiced. I practiced!! I must say that my ability far surpassed that of my 8th grade self. As I knew it would. It is ALWAYS a good idea to start up instrument lessons as an adult. It’s so fulfilling playing The Snake Dance and Mary Had a Little Lamb as a 26 year old.


On an unrelated note: I have a mint condition Carlos Wallin for sale. Cheap.


Celestie said...

Bwahahahahahaha!!!!! Thanks, I needed that. Um, freaking hilarious. I love it. I also love that it is my nephew's hand in the picture touching the "soft blanket Estie!" case.

Mom said...

This is your TRUE talent, Savannah...Blogging! I love this. It lifts my day. Lets me share in your life a bit. Makes me think! I always look forward to reading your latest posts. Megan and I agree, there is only one things wrong with it...The posts aren't long enough or often enough! Hehe.