Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Deepest Apologies (Maybe)

Apparently people read this silly blog… Who knew… So I was shocked when I received several messages saying that I needed to put up another post (and not just from my mom) So thanks friends, and strangers, but sadly I am too busy and stressed to be creative. As I’m trying to write these 5 sentences I’m struggling not to just smush my boobs against the keyboard and call it good.

In lieu of writing something that will take more brain power than I possess at the moment ESPECIALLY because I’m actually supposed to be working but cannot bring myself to focus on the audits, evaluations, consultation notes, and staff development plans that I’m SUPPOSED to be writing right now, I’ll just throw in a bunch of pictures. These pictures make me happy and maybe I’ll just spend the rest of my work day looking at them.

We don't actually know this guy

I think Paula looks like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes in this picutre... right?!!
(If I need a break later today I'll find a comparison picture)
Work stress drives some to drink... It drives me to this...

 Rain once asked me why I make douche bag faces in all of my photos. Little does she know, that's just my face.

No one in this picture is on drugs. Hard to believe, I know.

I’m hoping to get some time to myself in the future and then I’ll write something delightful. Or if delightful is presumptuous of me, I’ll write something of the same caliber as my other posts… mediocre at best.


Celestie said...

Oh my GOSH who is that psycho behind me in that picture?!?! Freak me right on out. Um, I love this post, because like I keep saying, you can never have enough pictures. :) First picture, I love the random guy giving the camera a thumbs up. I made out with him in the bathroom later. The one of you and Dan is adorable, but I'm shocked you didn't post the amazing one of you, Dan and Shawn (Sean?) all making random faces. That was a good one. Fun times!

Megan said...

Glad you finally posted again. My life is dull enough that you could write a whole segment about... How much you love to dye your hair (C'mon, you know you do) and it would still be interesting.

Mom said...

Your posts are never mediocre! They are fun, delightful, exciting!

Mom said...

I love, love, love your posts...I look forward to them so much! The pictures help tell the stories and I love seeing your life in print!!!