Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Perfect Date

Candle lit yadda yadda, long walks on the blah blah blah, romantic whosits and whatsits… Yuck

Let’s go to a book store!

What, that bores you? Fine I’ll go by myself.

I love book stores, to be more specific, used book stores.
Let me start with a picture and we’ll go from there.Huh?!! Now tell me you don’t want to go to a used bookstore and spend hours perusing and smelling. I didn’t mistype. Smelling. But I’ll get to that in a minute. I think we need some organization here. Let’s do this David Letterman style (He’s still on TV right? I wouldn’t know, it’s on past my bedtime)

Top Ten Reasons Why a Bookstore is the Best Place to Spend Friday Night…

10. The fixie of hipsters with androgynous haircuts on leather sofas remarking in outrage that their nonconformist style has become mainstream.

9. My bloated intelligence as I browse titles and authors I’ve never read imagining that I’ve magically absorbed the information by merely being in the vicinity.

8. Employees looking sharp in tweed jackets with leather elbow patches, bow ties, glasses and mohawks. Yummy, dork meat!

7. Tall iced mocca latte extra whip. Or in other words, pretentious, overpriced coffee drinken (that’s my word, deal with it) by pompous yuppies while reading the Wall Street Journal and remarking about the abysmal state of the economy.

6. Amateur poetry read by awkward prepubescents stammering out lines of their glorious works of art as they develop the beginning stages of their identities.

5. Profound poets spewing lines of injustice and anguish with passion at increasing volume while spitting and sweating as they’re judged by their peers and hollered at with an Uh, or Push. (aka, a rap battle without music… or black people)

4. Crusty pages of coffee stained books with finger prints from the hands of generations of mothers reading nighttime stories to their children. 3. Finding old photographs of close friends left between the pages which once held the place of a reader to bring back fond memories.

2. The scent of paper and leather, fingerprints and time, flipping through the pages as the aroma of imaginations and knowledge take me to all the places the book has been.

1. Exploring the Old West, traveling to space, attending school for witches and wizards, going insane, being in love, living the life of a serial killer, becoming an immigrant, riding around the world in a hot air balloon, and swimming with a Great Whale all in one afternoon.
Now tell me you don't share my love affair with used book stores.

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Mom said...

Wow! I've been Indexing so long I was trying to decipher Alice, Joseph and John's last name....Couldn't do it. I too, love old book stores. The old houses they are usually in. The treasures they hold! Great post, as usual. Always fun, exciting, entertaining and motivating, in this case...I want to go see what I can find!