Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Facebook Official

It’s a thing.

My recent change in “Relationship Status” has made me ponder. It’s a dangerous thing; pondering. I try to avoid it. People usually end up confused and disoriented when it happens.

For the past 3 years (The timeframe in which I’ve had a FB) my status has solidly read “Single” with pride. *Exception: the time I thought it would be funny to be “Married” to my friend Lara. It turned out not to be so funny when, coupled with rumors of my lesbianism, I started to receive phone calls from loved ones “supporting me no matter what I chose to do.” I appreciated the acceptance. That was reassuring.* But I digress.

Let’s begin again... For the past 3 years my status has solidly read “single” with pride. This doesn’t necessarily mean I was single, but I wasn’t dating anyone noteworthy enough to inform my friends, family, Mark Zuckerberg, and the entire cyber world of my situation. So I took careful consideration before making the change.

The decision to change one’s status cannot be taken lightly, because the social networking population does not take it lightly.

It’s a thing.

Who knew?

But the severity of the “thing” is generational and varies in degree by age. Middle Schoolers become “FB Official” in the blink of an eye and once again become single just as fast. High Schoolers are Official after a couple of weeks and draaaaaaaama ensues once the status is returned to single. In College and thereafter more consideration is taken, because, as this is a “thing”, the change in status at this age has clout.

As we learned when Lara and I were married in the holy church of Zuckerberg, Facebook Relationship Status = Legitimacy.

I can’t be held responsible for the severity in which FB is regarded, but from this point forward I will be more responsible with the settings of my information bar. I apologize for taking it lightly in the past, it won’t happen again.


Dan said...

it's definitely a thing.

Mom said...

Congratulations! It really is interesting, amusing, scary....How some people react to what they read on Facebook. I'm guilty of it myself! If it's on Facebook, it MUST be true, right?!??