Monday, June 6, 2011

Dress for the Job You WANT

Mad Men

When I was little I would wear my aunt’s high heels, as a teenager I would often wear button up collar shirts and in college I wore slacks and business jackets. I had always envisioned myself being professional, successful and well dressed. And now I am.

I kind of got myself into a predicament didn’t I?

Four years of college, countless hours volunteering with youth and dedicating my career to moving to the top and being the boss have put me exactly where I should be by the time I was twenty-eight. I actually feel a little young to be responsible for so much. I guess I have really been dressing effectively. The problem is I’ve been dressing for the job I thought I was supposed to have, not the job I WANT.

I WANT to write.

I want to sit around all day creating stories, characters and plots. I want to use my imagination every day, not just on the weekends. I want to tell you about the mermaid friends I have and let you in on their adventures. I want to write.

Deductive reasoning has lead me to believe that I must use my super powers of fashion to get my dream job…

To determine what this new wardrobe will entail I’ll need to analyze the average writer.
Authors get to work from their homes, quite often their own beds. They spend so little time with the real world that they have started to become socially awkward. There is no one for them to impress but their cat (Their cat will have a profound and inspiring name… My cat’s name is Poe… I’m on my way) so they don’t pay attention to things like combing their hair and changing their clothes. They don’t leave the house for work so they could quite possibly go days without going outside and I’m going to assume they rarely wear shoes for the same reason. With all the data considered, my new look will be; pajama pants and coffee stained t-shirts with pasty skin and tangled hair. I will also make sure to wear my nose ring, buy some flip flops, and start talking to my cat.

I also think this means I get to start wearing my favorite pants again. Score!! 


Angela said...

Thank god you had a post to start my Monday off right!!! Serious.. Rough weekend, needed a pick me up.

Thank you for this....

I think you're fabulous!

Celestie said...

Hmmm, this has given me a lot to think about. I certainly don't dress for success, and I certainly haven't found it yet. However, I DO dress for comfort, but I'm unemployed. Or should that say "AND I'm unemployed"...?

And seeing "Poe" just looks wrong. It's PoE.