Thursday, June 16, 2011

Troubadours are Troubamazing

Second only to my love for the food in New York is my love for the Troubadours. They are amazing and stupendous and fan-friggin-tastic! I don’t know where my love for these traveling entertainers started but it may be a product of Colin Hay’s catchy ditties in Gilmore Girls (what, I’ve never watched that show in my life) I can’t help but be touched and tickled in my soul when I see an especially good one. Like this guy…


I was very appreciative of his ideal location on the D train platform as that train takes FOREVER to arrive. He even received the special compliment of the removal of my ipod out to listen.  
I have a personal policy when it comes to street performers. If I find myself being entertained (especially if I’m trying hard to ignore them) I must tip them. I feel like I’m stealing their services if I enjoy them and don’t pay them for it. It’d be like getting a haircut and walking out without paying. (I have definitely wanted to do this when I’ve gotten bad haircuts however)

With this policy in mind, whenever I run across these guys I know that before they even start I’d better bust out a Fiver because I will be thoroughly amused.

I’m so glad people need inventive ways to make money because I need inventive ways to be entertained whilst waiting for my train!

*I tipped extra to these people because I recorded them. I felt it was only fair.

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Megan said...

Those dancers are amazing!