Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm a Shampoo Snob

I try to keep my pretentiousness to a minimum. I come from a humble upbringing so I was never in the habit of being snooty, but as I started making money for myself I decided I was going to do/buy/possess certain things. As I’ve matured and realized those "things" aren’t important, I’ve found my way back to being a sensible person.

I don’t avoid any particular places to shop based on where they are located or what “type of people” shop there.

*Only exception: dumpster diving. I won’t do it. And as I learned on Hoarders the other night, some consider this shopping.*

I also don’t think I’m too good to live in West Valley City or Washington Heights. In fact, I don’t think I’m too good to live anywhere really. I’m even willing to try a cardboard box. I’ve often found that the best neighbors come from the more humble neighborhoods. Imagine that.

I’m not someone who is impressed by labels or brands. I don’t have to buy Tide when the generic brand will suffice. As far as clothing is concerned, I may actually be conceited in the opposite direction. I won’t buy things from Hollister, Ambercrombie, J. Crew and the like. (Although I learned in Sunday School that this is still exhibiting pride, and pride is of the devil. What’s a girl to do?)

HOWEVER… There are some things I can’t help but be a snob about. It’s pitiful, but I can’t bring myself to care. I know that even the most hippy, granola, earth friendly schmucks of the world can still relate on some level. There are just certain products that make us draw our snob line in the retail sand.

I’d like to share two examples if you don’t mind.

1) Shampoo: I have to use salon quality shampoo (‘have’ being my justifying word) My hair is constantly being bleached, dyed, blow dried, straightened or flat ironed and it needs quality repair. My shampoo is expensive and I could sponsor a child for 2 months at the cost of one bottle of shampoo. It’s shameful but I need (another justifier) proper hydration and pH balance for my locks


2) Jeans: I haven’t bought myself a crock-pot which would seriously benefit me and everyone I cook for because they are *gasp* $40! but I will drop $100 on a pair of jeans without blinking an eye. I know why I do it, but it still doesn’t make it right. I buy expensive jeans as a gift to awkward teenage Savannah who couldn’t afford to have jeans that were a) long enough to cover my ankles and 2) anywhere close to being in style. I struggled in the clothing department as an adolescent restricted to second hand stores and hand-me-downs so I somehow think I owe it to myself to have good pants now-days even though I know I could buy a few cows for little Seny’s whole village at that price.

That’s not too bad in the grand scheme of pretentious purchases, but still, these are extravagances that I will NOT budge on. Now that I’m not making the big bucks anymore I was trying out my new frugality and bought a pair of jean capri’s that cost a whole $12. Good for me! I was so proud of my new cheap, stylish, tight, pinchy, awful, now-I-remember-why-I-shop-at-the-Buckle-and-not-some-ridiculous-kid-trendy-store, jeans. Stupid cheap pants.

I will continue to be a Jeans Snob and live in comfort with my healthy shiny hair.

People I need to know what items make YOU a snob.


We are the Mogles said...

a girl after my own heart. i too, am a jean snob! i try really hard to "appreciate" cheap jeans but i just can't do it either.

cheers to buying outrageously-ridiculously-expensive jeans, that fit perfectly and make the junk in our trunk that much more junkier and trunkier!

love you!

Savvy Pants said...

That's just what I mean! My bottom looks amazing in my over priced jeans!!

Melissa {AllSewnUp} said...

I love expensive shampoo, but i won't pay the price myself, luckily my hubbs knows this and gifts it to me in mass quantities :) Also I seek out $$ jeans for cheap @marshalls / tjMaxx. They are better but I'm cheap w/ my clothes bc I destroy them ;)

The things I'm a snob are is my vacuum and my chocolate. I will on occasionally slum w/ lesser chocolate but never be caught dead with a cheap vacuum.

Savvy Pants said...

I haven't owned a vacuum in years but I grew up with the crappiest vacuum. You know where you're always flipping it over and pulling junk out of it. Good snob selection.

Angela said...

You do have amazingly shinny hair....