Thursday, September 1, 2011

My 7 Poltergeist Brothers

Quotes from STARDUST : Photos

As I’m coming upon the THIRD post about one movie I can’t help but wonder if I am completely out of my mind to think that this silly story deserves so much attention. But I’m currently pumped full of coffee and excitement as I begin to tell you about my favorite storyline in the movie. I know that the hero and love story is the focal point of the movie, but I can’t help but love the plight of the dead princes. The coffee has really kicked in now and I am delirious with excitement (and caffeine) to write about this! OMTitsgoingtobeawesome

So let’s first lay out the premise of this plot. There is a king on his deathbed who has 7 sons and one daughter (We don't care too much about the daughter, she’s been a witches slave for years now) that are fighting over the throne and slowly killing each other off. By the time we meet them, there are only 4 (then quickly 3) left, but only one can be the heir. The king is disappointed in his pathetic excuse for sons. He can't believe there are so many left. By the time his father died he had killed off ALL 11 of his brothers. 

Since he can’t stop his own death from happening, even without a clear heir, he enchants the family necklace and flings it out the window (knocking a star out of the heavens with its recklessness) and whoever finds the necklace first gets the kingdom. 

Off they go to find the necklace and maybe kill off their brothers along the way, you know, out of habit. 

I’m going to skip the details of the proceeding events because I have other things I want to talk about. You can watch the movie yourself to find out what happens. (I imagine that if you’ve read all three of these posts then you probably need to because I can’t see how I’ve possibly explained this movie in any sort of coherent way.)

Moving right along, Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t deduced by now through the extensive coverage of this movie, all 7 of the princes get themselves killed off and the young hero of the movie becomes king because he IS an heir to the throne and his lovely star has been wearing the necklace the entire time! 

Now that we’ve gotten the ending out of the way, I want to share why this is my favorite story line of the movie. 

Once one of the princes dies, his ghost is cursed to haunt his brother until an heir is found. As the story progresses and more and more of the brothers are killed they all join together to poke fun at, and cheer for, their living brother. 

These ghosts are fantastic. After killing each other off and all ending up in the same place, it is as if they can finally learn to be friends. I enjoy it so much because their commentary is from a third party as if they are watching the movie as well.

The final battle scene ensues with all 7 dead brothers watching in horror and hilarity as the cackling necromancer fights our hero with the body of one of the fallen princes. Awesome.

Whew! After telling one story from three points of view I have learned my lesson about over doing a topic. I'm officially sick of thinking about this movie. Just... Just go watch it for me and love it as much as I do.

Other things I love about this movie:
We always knew you were a woopsie, you shall not see the star, hear or touch it, counterproductive beauty regimen, and Victoria falling on her ass.

I cannot believe I just spent 3 posts talking about one silly movie. I’m going to start up therapy now.


Megan said...

If this is only your second favorite, I can't even imagine how many posts you'll write about your #1 movie..

Celestie said...

The poltergeist brothers are probably my favorite part of the movie. Ooh wait, I just remembered Robert DeNiro's part...hmmm, ok well at any rate, the dead brothers are freaking hilarious - and the one that's stuck as a naked ghost - freaking awesome.