About Me

I’m just a weird girl writing down the nonsense that’s in my head. 

As long as I can remember I have always had a story in my head. I have hundreds of imaginary scenarios bouncing around in my brain and I’m habitually narrating my actions. I think it was only natural that one day I would write all of that nonsense down for others to read. 

I started this blog as a way for my family to follow what I was doing when I moved from Utah to New York. It quickly morphed and took on a voice of its own as an outlet for my imagination and thoughts. I have found that I truly love my blog and would still continue to post even if no one were to ever read again. If I didn’t let my imagination spill out somewhere my brain might explode. So really, I write to save my life. 

I grew up in Utah as a VERY strict Mormon; church on Sundays, youth activities on Tuesdays, No swearing, no drinking, no rated R movies, no loud or unruly behavior and absolutely NO sex. After going to college I felt internally conflicted between the way I was raised and the things I learned. That’s when I decided to take a little journey of my own and really develop myself. One divorce, several cups of coffee and a Sexual Renaissance later… Violà…  We now have the new and improved (and happier) Savannah. 

*Now full of loud and unruly behavior*

I’m just a weird girl writing down the nonsense that’s in my head. Won’t you come along and see what’s inside.